Nancy Whiskey Pub: Where They Know Your Name

It’s cool when The Village Voice likes you!

 “Ah, Nancy Whiskey Pub, the acclaimed dive bar where during Happy Hour bottles of Bud are $2.50 and are served with an extra hit of sass. Ben Westhoff selected this quintessential watering hole for the Village Voice “New York’s Best Dive Bars” feature: “At the best dive bars, misery and dread are balanced by elation and poorly reasoned optimism,” he writes. This is borne out by the chatty, tight-knit collective of regulars continually mustering up the stamina for another round of shuffleboard (which dominates a sizable portion of the room), and by the bartender who occasionally whips out a tambourine and smacks it to the White Stripes’ “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground.” This calamity will rouse you from whatever reverie you may be having at the time, and you’ll be grateful.” 

Nancy’s Happy Hour:  Monday – Thursday: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Location: Nancy Whiskey Pub, 1 Lispendard St – 212 226-9943  – Google Map

Nancy Whiskey Pub inTribeca

Since changing over from a diner to a dive bar in 1967, Nancy Whiskey Pub has been a Tribeca staple for its non-pretentious vibe, cheap drinks, a reliable bar food menu, and great service. Melissa, who has been serving both locals and celebrities from behind the bar since June of 2000, is a staple of this staple, and we sat her down to talk about her experiences at Nancy Whiskey over the years.
Melissa, who knows Nancy Whiskey like the back of her hand, explains the bar was named after the Celtic folk song of the same name. Serving no frills beers and mixed drinks, don’t ask Melissa if they’re known for any specialty cocktail – “[we’re] exactly the opposite of that,” she explains.
Melissa adds that Ron Darling, a former Mets pitcher, could be found by the bar as one of their well-known regulars before moving out of the neighborhood.  Many other celebrities, from Billy Joel to Scarlett Johansson, have been spotted enjoying a drink from time to time, she reveals.
Infamous for having the only bank shuffleboard in Manhattan, informal play can also be seen at Nancy Whiskey on any night, while tournament games are known to linger, with the current final four competitors still arranging to play a year and a half later to declare a champion. Feel free to coordinate tournaments with friends for only $1 per game any night of the week.
So, stop by Nancy Whiskey for one of the cheapest happy hours downtown! Monday through Thursday from 4-7pm, bottles of Bud and Bud Light, as well as 16oz pitchers of Bud Light are only $2.50.  Pitchers of Bud Light are available for $10 (which can be purchased for $12 during regular hours), and all well shots are $3.  
If you’re a foodie, visit on Pork Chop Thursdays to enjoy a solid lunch of delicious seasoned and grilled pork chops that have become a well-known neighborhood special.  
Nancy Whiskey is open at 11am Monday through Saturday and at noon on Sundays.